Convertible Tablet Laptops: why they are first choice for business people

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A tablet PC uses an interface that is pen-based for convenience and flexibility, so the device can be much smaller than a regular laptop. The slate configuration of streamlined PC with graphics tablet and screen results in a package the size of a laptop screen which is primarily used for making notes and drawing, but is also used in situations where a standard laptop would be difficult or impossible to use.
This fresh technology switches to the slate configuration by means of a backward rotation of the screen, which then folds down so that the screen faces upwards when the tablet is in the closed position. When in tablet mode it works the same way as a standard slate machine. In fact the only real difference between a convertible tablet and its slate counterpart is that the convertible can be used like a laptop with optical drive and standard keyboard.

The advantages of the convertible laptop for the business user are several. Higher processor speeds are available for convertibles as opposed to the slate’s reliance on slower ones, and the internal battery life is longer because they are slower than regular laptops, and they weigh considerably less than laptops and so can be carried around more conveniently.
Examples of convertible laptops are the HP Touchpad, Lexus IS and the Military Laptop from Terralogic. The latter, in addition to the advantages of all convertible laptops, is designed to withstand water, dust and shock, and is a sensible option for journalists working in war zones for example.
The use of a tablet PC with slate and touch screen capabilities that can at a moment’s notice be converted into a regular laptop with keyboard and screen has a range of advantages and is symptomatic of the increasing concentration on convenience and flexibility on the part of cutting edge PC manufacturers, all devices tending to converge on ideals of portability and multi-tasking.
Having a display screen attached to the base unit of a conventional laptop by way of a single junction was the innovation that created the convertible tablet laptop and opened up a range of uses in a new business-oriented market. Apart from the funky new design that tends to attract customers on first sight, the kit is extremely flexible and can be adapted to a range of different applications depending on circumstances.
The screen is able to be rotated through 180 degrees and flattened out flush with the top of the keyboard. This flat plan is ideal for writing purposes and it is this practicality that has made convertible tablet PCs the most popular type of tablet PC.

The ability to use the device as both a laptop and as a flat screen in conjunction with a stylus or digital pen provides the diversity of functionality many business people are looking for, as it can be used in its laptop incarnation at a desk and as a note-taker whilst at meeting or when on the move.

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